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Talent Strategy

The thought of talent team building

Among all things on earth, people are the most valuable. Human resources are the first resources. People are the key to scientific and technological progress and social and economic development. New opportunities, new challenges, new science & technologies and new developments raise some new requirements for human resource development. In order to transfer human resource potential to real development advantages, effective measures need to be taken to create an environment that makes for cultivating more talents and making the best use of their knowledge and skills. We need to pay special attention to human resource development to accelerate the cultivation of human resource capacity. It is crucial for the development of Guizhou Wenxiang Tianting Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The core status of human capital in the era of knowledge-driven economy decides the competition among countries, companies and people. It is even embodied in the competition of human capital and knowledge management, and it is the competition of human resources at bottom.


I. Operate human capital and promote investment thinking

Compared with the past, the most important features of the era of knowledge-driven economy are highlighting the function of human capital and making human capital the key driving force of social economy and corporate business development. Human capital is a special live capital. Different from physical capital, money capital and technological capital, human capital refers to investment in people’s knowledge and it is a new investment behavior to create value for the society and companies through improving and updating people’s knowledge and ability structure by means of training and learning. Practice proves that in the era of knowledge-driven economy, increasing investment in human capital and cultivating a good organizational eco-environment make for giving full play to the value of human intelligence to realize the challenge under new circumstance. Guizhou Wenxiang Tianting Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a modern construction service engineering company. As comprehensive realization of the sustainable development of corporate operation business cannot be separated from the operation of human capital, management personnel at all levels of the Group should build the investment awareness of human resource from the importance and meaningfulness caused by cost consciousness rising to investment consciousness, so as to adapt to the nature of human resource development in the new era.


II. Analyze human resource status and master human resource storage

Confucius said: “If you know yourself and your enemy, you’ll never lose a battle.” When we battle, if we know our enemies and ourselves, we can win a hundred victories. Company operation is also the same. First, we need to know the means of production and production factors of our company. Among production factors, human capital is the first primary. We need to analyze the quantity, quality, structure, use condition and potential of human capital on hand for “checking”. As a matter of experience, materials to be “checked” should include staff’s basic information, work experience, education background, work performance, etc. Only when we master the current human capital condition of our company timely and accurately, we can make correct demand forecast of human capital investment and the strategic planning of human capital is meaningful.


III. Forecast human capital investment demand of our company

Human capital investment budget is an important task in human capital management. In order to make human resource capital budget, we need to analyze internal and external environmental conditions of our company. On the one hand, we need to analyze our strategic planning of business development, operation and development direction, business structure form, target operation tasks needing to be completed, potential and key customer units needing to be overcome; on the other hand, we also need to analyze our competitive advantages and status in the industry, competitors’ operation state, business nature and human resource allocation, etc. As a matter of experience, among all factors, human capital is the first resource needing to be considered and planned. Thus, when making budget for human resource investment demand, a key to human capital investment plan is trying to forecast the human capital demand and supply of a given period in the future as accurate as possible, so as to determine the investment demand for human capital. That is to say, we need to forecast our company’s total demand and demand structure of human capital of a given period according to our company’s changes of external development environment and development requirements, combining our company’s organizational structure and job analysis, then contrast with our company’s existing human capital stock and possible external supply and analyze and forecast our company’s human capital investment demand.


IV. Make human capital investment objectives and direction

Human capital investment is a long-term investment process and also a long-term operation process. Long-term objectives of human capital mainly lie in forming strategic concept, policy orientation and basic principle about the company’s human capital from business philosophy, team spirit and cultural construction. Mid-term objectives need to specify long-term objectives, such as the expected goals like introduction of human capital, educational training on human capital, human capital incentive and allocation and then quantify measurement indicators correspondingly. Short-term objectives refer to the annual budget indicators of human capital investment. For different development periods, the company has different investment priorities. Combining current situations of our company, branches need to focus on project managers, shift leaders and new employees.


V. Specify human resource recruitment

Specify human resource recruitment to improve human resource efficiency. Human resource recruitment is a human capital investment method of the company with relatively high input and output. In order to realize the effectiveness of human resource recruitment, we need to pay attention to two aspects: first, if the recruitment result can meet our company’s requirement for the quantity of human resource; second, if the recruitment quality, especially for quality of the new employees being recruited and their job performance could well reach our company’s employment standards. This is to say, in order to realize effective recruitment, started from both “person” and “affair”, following the principle of matching person with affair (employee with job), our company will try every means to pick the most suitable person to serve a job to promote the effective combination between the employee’s personal features and job characteristics, so as to acquire ideal human resource investment result. Recruitment method of human capital investment: first, attach importance to recruitment; second, determine reasonable recruitment standards; third, carry out some strategies of making the company attractive on labor market and strengthen personnel recruitment; fourth, broaden or expand recruitment channel and realize the individuation, customization and diversification of channel.


VI. Specify human resource training

Human resource training is an education and training process applied by the company to improve the employees to meet the human resource level required and add value to human capital of the company. It aims at further improving effectiveness of the company’s human resource training: first, the knowledge that trainees should learn emphasized by training results and multi-objectives of training plan and the relevance between skills; second, conversion degree for the trainees to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from training. In order to realize effective human resource, we need to emphasize the following three aspects: first, further perfect the construction of training system, course system and trainer team of the Group; second, draw up study plan for project managers and shift leaders and new employees’ training and study plan; third, further perfect talent cultivation system of the Group and make specific implementation plan for talent cultivation.


VII. Intensify human capital investment risk prevention

The factors that may impact the return on investment of human capital are diversified, complex and dynamic. It is very difficult to finish eliminating the company’s investment risks of human resource, but it is practical to adopt certain measures and methods to prevent the investment risks of human capital. We should start from four aspects: first, increase the consciousness of human capital investment risks. Second, make strategic planning for human capital investment. Third, pay attention to the reasonable use of human capital; through establishing effective incentive mechanism, using and allocating human resource reasonably, evaluating the investees’ behaviors and performance fairly and justly and establishing the company’s human capital investment and return mechanism, protect the company’s and investment subject’s legal rights and interests and increase employees’ sense of belonging, sense of accomplishment and sense of mission to truly make the best use of their knowledge and skills. Fourth, attach importance to the diversity of human capital investment content and it is the combined action of both external and internal factors.